Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (2024)

While there aren’t a ton of female characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is rather a shame, the few that are in the books and films are very interesting and badass. While Galadriel and Eowyn might have more of their own independent stories, Arwen is still a fascinating character who deserves more love than she gets from fans.

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Her relationship with Aragorn is the core romantic storyline from the series, and while it would have been great to have her get a story separate from this, she still has some great scenes and quotes.

“Mine is the choice of Luthien, and as she has chosen, both the sweet and the bitter.”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (1)

This is the only quote on this list that is from the books instead of the movies. While the movies do include similar lines to this one, it’s always interesting to see how things were phrased in the books.

Arwen is a descendant of Luthien who also fell in love with a mortal man, and there are many parallels between the story of Beren and Luthien and the story of Arwen and Aragorn.

“Why do you fear the past? You are Isildur's heir, not Isildur himself. You are not bound to his fate.”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (2)

Just like Arwen was a descendant of Luthien, Aragorn is a descendant of Isildur. He comes from this line which is why he has a claim to the throne of Gondor, but he shirks away from this role because he fears he’s weak.

Arwen reminds him that he is a totally different person when she says this line, and she offers a lot of comfort and good advice here.

“What Grace has given me, let it pass to him. Let him be spared. Save him.”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (3)

While a lot of Arwen’s best quotes are lines that she says to Aragorn, this quote is actually directed toward Frodo. When Frodo is dying after being stabbed by the Morgul blade, Arwen uses what elven grace and power she has been given by the Valar to try and save him.

While the details of this aren’t super explained in the films, she does seem to contribute to saving his life.

“The shadow does not hold sway yet.”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (4)

While Arwen’s story might center mostly around Aragorn, she is also a figure of hope all around. While the rest of the elves are leaving Middle-Earth because their time has ended, Arwen stays because of her love for Aragorn.


She is able to hold onto hope for herself and for the fate of Middle-Earth even when everyone else around her, including her father Elrond, says that everything is lost.

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (5)

Aragorn and Arwen definitely share some very romantic scenes together, and one of the best happens in The Fellowship of the Ring when they are on the bridge in Rivendell.

It’s a beautiful setting, and Arwen tells Aragorn just how much she loves him. It’s definitely quite inspiring, and they seem to be soul mates.

“I’m the faster rider. I’ll take him.”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (6)

While Arwen might just seem like a beautiful Elven lady in love with a mortal man, she is given some pretty badass moments in The Fellowship of the Ring.

The filmmakers made a great choice when they had Arwen be the one to take Frodo to Rivendell instead of Glorfindel. When Aragorn tells her to stay behind with the Hobbits, she reminds him that she’s very capable.

“There is still hope.”

When all hope seems lost and Elrond convinces Arwen to make her way to the Undying Lands, Arwen gets a vision nowhere she sees the possibility of a future with Aragorn where they have a son.

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This vision gives her renewed hope for the fate of the world, and she is then the one to ensure that Anduril is re-forged and brought to Aragorn.

“What’s this, a ranger? Caught off his guard?”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (8)

While many of the scenes Arwen is in are rather serious and often sad, when we first see her in the movies, she delivers this rather playful line.

It’s an endearing and funny moment to see her be able to sneak up on Aragorn like that, and it shows she’s not completely sad and solemn all of the time. Plus, it’s a bit of a sexy line that adds some chemistry to their relationship.

“It is mine to give to whom I will, like my heart.”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (9)

When Arwen and Aragorn are on the bridge in Rivendell, Arwen gives Aragorn the Evenstar necklace.

Aragorn doesn't feel comfortable taking it from her because it is a source of power and grace, but she reminds him that it’s her choice to give him this protection as well as to give him her love.

“If you want him, come and claim him!”

Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s 10 Best Quotes (10)

By far, Arwen’s most badass scene in the movies happens when she is trying to save Frodo from the Ringwraiths. After an intense chase where they almost catch up to her, she makes it to the edges of Rivendell.

This taunting line is very powerful, and it shows that she’s a capable and skilled rider with some fighting ability. She's very heroic in this scene.

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