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Jack Scalfani shows you recipes you can do, cooking tips you will love and product reviews you can trust.

―Jack's channel description

Jack Russell Scalfani Sr.[citation needed] (born: December 12, 1967 [age 56])[citation needed], better known online as Cooking With Jack Show, is an American reviewer and YouTuber mostly known for his cooking videos that are often criticized by channels such as AugustTheDuck and CinnamonToastKen.


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Strokes
    • 1.2 2024 Carnivore diet
  • 2 Content
    • 2.1 Aunt Myrna's Recipes
    • 2.2 Kids Can Cook Too
    • 2.3 Football Finger Foods
    • 2.4 Lazy Man's
    • 2.5 Product Reviews
    • 2.6 My Mom is Great
    • 2.7 The Jack Pack
  • 3 Other Ventures
    • 3.1 GiveMeEntertainment
    • 3.2 The Best Sauces
  • 4 Controversies
    • 4.1 Child Abuse
    • 4.2 Genocide Advocacy
    • 4.3 Endorsing a Murderer
    • 4.4 Racism
    • 4.5 hom*ophobia
    • 4.6 Potentially Lethal Tips
    • 4.7 Blog Posts
    • 4.8 Ego and Response to Criticism
    • 4.9 Doxxing
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 References


Jack created his channel on July 26, 2006 and made his first video 198 days later titled "How to Cut a Pineapple".[3]


Jack announced his first stroke on June 30, 2018,[4] and as of May 22, 2023, he has had four strokes, which have taken a dramatic toll on his body. For instance, his right arm has atrophied significantly, to the point where he can barely raise it anymore, and he now has a man named Robert, who he met in the hospital, and his wife helping him in the kitchen.[5][6] He also has trouble opening his right eye, and his voice sounds more strained.

2024 Carnivore diet[]

On December 2, 2023, Jack announced in a livestream that he would go on a carnivore diet as a New Year's resolution.[7]


Aunt Myrna's Recipes[]

Jack would showcase recipes taught to him by his Aunt Myrna. One video in particular, Aunt Myrna's Party Cheese Salad, has become infamous for using a mixture of nuts, whipped cream, cream cheese, Jello, and vegetables.

Kids Can Cook Too[]

Jack's son, Jack Scalfani Jr., would share a recipe he had learned to show children how to cook as well.

Football Finger Foods[]

Jack would make videos showing how to make party snacks. The first video was about wings, cheese crisps, and dips.[8]

Lazy Man's[]

Jack's most popular series. Jack would make videos about how to cook food with less effort. He made his first Lazy Man's video on December 6, 2008 about lasagna.[9] Despite saying that he was making a lasagna, he didn't use any lasagna sheets, and instead used penne pasta, which he referred to as macaroni throughout the entire video.

Product Reviews[]

Jack would test multiple different kitchen gadgets to see if they were worth the money. However, Jack tends to get frustrated with a lot of the products he reviews, as he refuses to read the instructions, sometimes throwing the instructions away on camera.

My Mom is Great[]

Jack demonstrates recipes that he was taught by his mother. Some recipes have included Pasta Fazool,[10] Teriyaki Short Ribs,[11] and Turkey Necks.[12]

The Jack Pack[]

A planned idea from Jack, yet to officially launch. Jack has revealed his idea to have himself and other content creators to promote each other and share an audience.[13]

Other Ventures[]


In 2000, after quitting his job as a DJ, Jack opened his own management company, GiveMeEntertainment, where he managed musicians, screenwriters, singers and an unnamed chef client. Not much else is known about the company before it went out of business.

The Best Sauces[]

Shortly after starting GiveMeEntertainment, Jack started his own line of BBQ sauce, titled 'The Best BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Taste', using spices left behind when the chef client left. Jack initially started his channel to promote the sauces and eventually also released a hot variation of the classic BBQ sauce, followed by a Teriyaki sauce, Caribbean Jerk, and a gourmet seasoning. Jack eventually was able to sell the sauce in Whole Foods and Walmart brands across the country, however, it is widely believed that Walmart only agreed to sell Jack's sauce due to Jack's brother, Jim, being a Sales Manager for Walmart. After Walmart stopped selling Jack's sauces, they re-emerged in 2021 being sold in a hardware store in Tennessee, where his brother now worked as a Sales Manager. The sauce brand is now discontinued.


Child Abuse[]

In episode 6 of the podcast Sunday Evening Coffee, Jack confessed to choking out his older son, Garrett, for smoking marijuana and allegedly being aggressive as a result, before kicking him out of the house and leaving him homeless in his mid teens.[14] As of 04/29/2024, the video has apparently been taken down, but there is still a reupload of the entire podcast.[15] People in this video[16] by AugustTheDuck in the comments have argued back and forth on whether if this is attempted murder.

Genocide Advocacy[]

In the same episode of the podcast of Sunday Evening Coffee, around the 52 minute mark[17], he admits that his pastor (now former pastor, as stated below in the "Endorsing a Murderer" area), first started his Wednesday church service by starting off by saying "We need to napalm the Palestinians", and Jack immediately followed this by asking "How do I sign up?" and "Take all my money". and the male on the right, one of the hosts on the podcasts says "Put my (inaudible as of 04/29/2024) in an auto deposit", at the same time everyone else laughing and having a good time. YouTuber AugustTheDuck explains it altogether, with the main details, as well as the child abuse controversy. [18]

Endorsing a Murderer[]

Jack is a devoted Christian and a follower of Maury Davis, an evangelist and former pastor, and had even once endorsed a book written by Davis, which talks about how he was arrested after killing a 54-year-old Sunday School teacher, Jo Ella Liles, in 1975.[19]


Jack has shown disrespect to people of Hispanic heritage. In a video dubbed 'The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie', Jack told his viewers to type comments in English or they will be deleted. Jack claims this is because he doesn't have time to translate them.[20] Jack has also constantly referred to his own Hispanic friends as gardeners and cleaners.


In an episode of Jack's Podcast, F as in Frank, Jack discussed how he believes being gay is a choice while also admitting to his own repressed hom*osexual desires.[21]

Potentially Lethal Tips[]

In a since deleted video, Jack has a man demonstrate how to can foods at home, but eating the canned food risked causing people who tried it to contract botulism toxin. He also claims that it only takes a minute in the microwave to fully cook a raw, bleeding chicken.[22]

He also says that hospital food is bad for diabetics.[23]

Blog Posts[]

Jack has had several blogs in the past, which he has sometimes used to give his opinions on certain things or to vent frustration when things annoy him. Posts on the blogs have included statements from Jack saying that Barack Obama wouldn't be a suitable president due to his middle name being Hussein, implying Islamic connections,[24] or saying he would shoot dogs if he saw them in his street because he was informed that any dogs found would prevent people in the neighborhood from getting their mail delivered.[25]

Ego and Response to Criticism[]

Jack's narcissistic personality often shines through his cooking videos, as he often refers to his end products as "beautiful" or "gorgeous", when they are either undercooked or improperly made altogether. He responds to hateful comments or even simple criticism by completely disabling comments on certain videos. He also claims that fans "nag" him to do his videos.[26] Another youtuber, KayEAS, in a now-deleted livestream watched some of his videos, calling Jack "disgusting". This led Jack to threaten Kay with a strike if he didn't delete the livestream, which he complied in doing so. Jack has tried to do the same thing with other YouTubers that have talked about how bad Jack’s cooking is, but has constantly failed due to the videos falling under fair use.


On February 22, 2024, fellow YouTuber AugustTheDuck revealed that someone, of whom had presumed affiliation with Jack, threatened to dox August and his sister in response to a video he made where he exposed Jack for child abuse and genocide advocacy.[27]

In response, Jack made a community post saying that August was lying and that he had no team.[28] August would then make a response of his own, giving Jack the benefit of the doubt and saying that it was probably someone, possibly even a kid, defending Jack.[29] August would further state that the info the defender threatened to make public is old or forged.


  • Jack says to be of Italian descent.[30]
  • Jack is left-handed.
  • Jack once appeared on a short lived show called West Texas Investors Club, a business reality show similar to Shark Tank, where he tried to pitch his BBQ sauce line to some Texas business investors, but was rejected and Jack broke down in tears when they tried to offer to buy his YouTube channel.
    • In a blog post, Jack revealed he had originally been set to appear on Shark Tank, but he was cut. He had been offered another chance to appear on Shark Tank, but Jack rejected the offer so he could appear on West Texas Investors Club instead.[31]


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